Animation Assembly

On Monday 19 October 2015 members of last year’s Animation Club presented an assembly showing how the club was started and the animation films they made. Our special guests included Drew Roper from Yamination Studios in Birmingham and Nick Godfrey who has supported the school in many ways with his company’s 3D printing technology.

Drew had been an inspiration to the animation club members last summer, attending many of the workshop sessions and passing on his skills and knowledge as an animation artist. During the assembly he was interested to see the presentations which reminded him of how much work the animation club members had put in to create their films. Drew set up his own animation company six years ago, as he followed his ambition to be a professional animator, proving that his philosophy of ‘Believe in what you want to achieve’ has really paid off. Sharing this determination with our pupils was very motivational!

Our assembly showcased the four animation films that were made. A proud occasion for all involved which culminated in an Oscar style presentation of film awards. ‘Best Animation’ and ‘Best Film’ award went to the Oreo film and the ‘Most innovative film’ went to Oscar the Cat.

A 3D printed commemorative plaque (created by Central Scanning Ltd.) was presented to each club member, which incorporated a special message from Drew on the back. A very rewarding project for which all involved should feel rightly proud of their achievements.

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