3D Printing and Scanning in Design Technology

An account by Arun James and Isaac Goss

'On Thursday 12th February 2015, 8DT1 were visited by Central Scanning Ltd to try and help us incorporate an element of 3D printing to our candle holders project. We were shown a few videos telling us about what 3D printing was and how scanning worked. After the interesting presentation we were shown, and given to pass around, many high quality items that Central Scanning had themselves scanned and printed using an impressive 3D printer at their company base in Bromsgrove.

We then had the opportunity to give them items that we had either made out of plasticine or brought in from home such as a cricket ball, cup and saucer or maybe even a dish to be scanned and printed at a reduced size for our project.

To demonstrate how the scanner worked they showed us a short video on YouTube and then scanned a ceramic toad that they found from around the DT workshop. The lessons were very interesting and gave everyone an insight into the latest technology that could be a household item in the near(ish) future.'

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