National Faraday Challenge

An account by Team Green
'It was on Thursday 5th February 2015 that Arun James, Jack Cooke, Isaac Goss, Joe Cooke, Hannah Wedgwood and Robyn Dane took part in a STEM challenge called the Faraday challenge. Six groups competed in all, two from Catshill Middle. Our challenge was to make a beacon to warn cyclists about hazards. We made one to warn cyclists about the heat so that they won't overheat whilst cycling and one about the light so they would know when it was going dark. The main frame of our design was made from 3D printing. It was a triangular prism with holes for the lights. We had a few issues with the main frame being too small but it was a prototype. Arun was the project manager, Jack was the accountant, Isaac and Joe were electrical engineers, Hannah was the 3D printer and Robyn was the 3D designer. The winners, Team Blue, from Parkside Middle School, had a hexagonal design and we think they won because their design was tessellated.'

An account by Team Black
'On Thursday 5th February 2015 Becky Nickless, Nelly Evans, Cameron Ferguson, Teddy Cowland, Thorsten Wynne and Mathew Turnbull went to Alvechurch Middle School to compete in the National Faraday Challenge. They competed against five other groups, including another group of Catshill pupils. The challenge was to create a cycling beacon. Team Black created a beacon to warn cyclists about the traffic ahead. They made this using a 3D modelling app and a simple circuit. The various jobs were: Accountant (Cameron), Engineer (Teddy and Matt), 3D design and 3D printer (Beck and Nelly) and Project Manager (Thorsten). They used a 3D printer to print their beacon and it had to be the team colour.'

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