Catshill 75th Anniversary Quilt Assembly

It is with great pride that we officially celebrated the unveiling of our 75th Anniversary patchwork Quilt during a special assembly on Monday 9th February 2015. The occasion was to mark the completion of the quilt, recognising the hard work put in by pupils and staff, and to signify it's importance in our school history.

An account by Robyn Dane, Falcon House Captain

'On Monday 9th February we had a few visitors come into school. Two of these were the ex-head boy and girl who eventually went on to get married. Then we had an ex-student and his wife. He joined the school in 1944. There were also two council members.

Myself and the other house captains took them round the school to show them how it had changed, Mr and Mrs Partridge, the ex-head boy and girl, were in the same house as me and Isaac. In their time at the school it was called Webb House but it changed to Clent then Falcon.

We took them round all the class rooms, showed them the new year 5 block and showed them the quilt that we had created for our 75th anniversary. We asked them lots of questions about how the school had changed and what had stayed the same.

The council member unveiled the quilt properly and then we had some photos with the old students.'

A quote from Will Jarvis, Red Kite House Captain

'I am quite looking forward to hopefully, when I am older, coming to see if the school is here and if so what has changed since 2015? Also if the quilt is still in place with all our names on.'



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