Stem Club Visit to the Think Tank

On Thursday 4th December Mrs Rathbone and Mrs Trigg took 12 STEM students out for the day to the Think Tank in Birmingham. They started off in an animation studio where they made a freeze frame film using Lego pieces. The films were imaginative and funny and the staff at the Think Tank were really impressed with the creativity of our students. Next they went off to a forensic science class where they turned detective and had to solve a crime. Ethan Dickinson turned out to be particularly good at this by spotting detail that was easily overlooked.

After lunch the group headed to the planetarium where they laid back and looked at the stars and the solar system projected onto the ceiling. This was particularly enjoyable for Madeline Simcox who is aspiring to be an astrologist. The specialist Think Tank staff member who was teaching the session was incredibly impressed by the questions that Catshill students were asking and by the knowledge they showed in answering his questions - we certainly gave Think Tank a run for it's money!

Shortly after a quick trip to the gift shop we were all back on the minibus back to Catshill. A great (but tiring) day was had by all and every Think Tank staff member commented on how well behaved our group was!

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