WW1 Remembrance Assembly

An account written by Rhianna Read

'On the 11th November 2014, Catshill Middle School pupils performed a Remembrance assembly in front of the whole school, parents and even school governors. As the school entered I started to get nervous but was proud that I was part of the assembly. Once the school had entered silently the assembly began.

At 11am everyone sat silent for two minutes to remember all the soldiers who fought. 2014 marks the centenary of World War One. During the silence, 100 poppies rose up on the screen to represent it being 100 years ago since it first started. It was the time for the Year 8 speakers to break the silence. The Year 8 speakers were Josh, Erran, Evan and me. Erran was first to take the stand and read out her lines.

Once the Year 8 speakers had finished the first lines, soloists and Shining Stars then sang 'Abide With Me'. The four amazing soloists were Ryan, Lucy, Alicia and Josh. They sang beautifully with Shining Stars. I enjoyed listening to them singing so sweetly and their soft voices.I was getting quite emotional while we watched the slideshow of Catshill War Memorial list of names come up. It was very upsetting as there were people with the same last name that could have been related, i.e. brothers, cousins, uncles and dads.

After a short time there were more readers who read throughout the assembly. At this moment there was a ballet performance by Summer while Daisy and Neve sang 'Make Me a Channel of your Peace'.

A past pupil came along called Adam Harding and sang brilliantly. He sang a very slow song called 'The Green Fields of France' and played piano. It was a pleasure to watch him. I am very grateful for everyone who sacrificed their life for us or else we wouldn't be here today. I have had a personal experience because my Great Grandad died in the war so it was very thoughtful for me.

I am very grateful for being in that assembly and I am proud to be part of Catshill Middle School.'

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