Pupil Premium

Closing the Gap for Disadvantaged Pupils

What we have done to close gaps

  • Providing 1 to1 tuition support and catch-up programmes
  • Creation of timetabled interventions to support disadvantaged pupils staffed by teachers.  
  • Creation of Pupil Premium Champion to support and promote progress of all pupils receiving pupil premium including More Able Pupil Premium.
  • Additional resources purchased for Maths & English (on-going) to support disadvantaged pupils, including More Able disadvantaged pupils.
  • Funding to create and maintain the school’s Pupil Support Team with two designated rooms (Orchard and Individual Pupil Support Room) for pupils including disadvantaged pupils, including training for staff to support behaviour management, self-esteem training, healthy lifestyles and safe choices, mentoring etc.
  • Increased TA support in targeted groups.
  • Additional monitoring ofRenaissance Reading targeted pupils (PP).
  • Numicon set up and placed in targeted sets in KS2
  • Clicker 6 set up and continued for targeted pupils in KS2
  • Increased academic guidance for disadvantaged pupils with a focus on closing the gaps and supporting More Able disadvantaged pupils.
  • CAFs & Funded Early Intervention Family Support Worker based at CMS & helping to improve home school partnership with disadvantaged pupils benefitting greatly.
  • Creation and continuation of Attendance Officer role to ensure disadvantaged pupils get the most out of school through increased attendance. This has had a significant impact. (Attendance data)
  • Peer assisted learning strategies (Maths Champions)  – set periods of time   with clear focus. Learners take responsibility for evaluating the success of the learner. Tutors trained by Maths Leader 
  • On-going support for school trips, equipment & to improve participation in lessons for disadvantaged pupils.
  • Y4/5 transition projects to support pupils whose circumstances make them vulnerable & disadvantaged pupils in their move to Catshill Middle School.  This involved the creation of, and subsequent maintenance of, transition projects with feeder first schools. This helps to support disadvantaged pupils from the outset pre – Year 5.
  • Strengthened sharing of information between Catshill Middle School and high school to ensure disadvantaged pupils are identified and supported from the outset.  Extended transition projects between CMS and high school.
  • Designated homework clubs to support disadvantaged and vulnerable learners
  • Additional clubs to support social interaction during lunch times, such as Safe Club and Fun Club.


Pupil Premium funding is enabling the school to close gaps for Pupil Premium pupils compared to non Pupil Premium pupils within the school.  As a result, they are now doing better and gaps are closing.   The school would also not have two Specialist Support rooms or a dedicated welfare team without this funding.


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