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 Our communication tool from September 2020 across the school will be the app called epraise, this is free for both android and IOS, please ensure you have the app downloaded and we will communicate with you about how to register as soon as we return in September. Messages, Letters, Parent Evening meetings and lots lots more will be communicated using this one-stop app.






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Registering on our app

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To register on our iOS or Android app you can:

  1. Download our app (just search for epraise in your app store) and open it
  2. Select your school
  3. Tap the 'Register' button
  4. Enter the email address that has already been given to the school
  5. Tap the 'Request login code' button
  6. Enter the login code sent via email
  7. Tap 'Login'
Registering via our as a parent



Upcoming Events

  • 05 Oct - 19 Oct
  • 22 Oct - 30 Oct
  • 09 Nov - 23 Nov
  • 30 Nov - 18 Dec